Friday, December 07, 2007

Top Web Tools for 2007

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This will be the second year where I name my Top Free Web Tools. Last year I named my My Top 12 Web Tools of 2006 with a series of posts at the end of the year. I was going to repeat that effort with 12 new tools for 2007 but for some reason that just didn't feel right because I still use so many of the tools from the previous list. It also didn't feel right to include most of the tools again on the list because many of my top tools are the usual suspects and would just be a repeat of the 2006 list.

Therefore, I've decided to move some of the tools from the 2006 list into Barry's Free Web Tool Hall of Fame (coming soon) and then add 10-12 new nominees for the Hall of Fame, with their potential induction to be determined at the end of 2008 after I have enough time to see whether they rise to the top or not.

To recap: Here are the Top 12 Web Tools for 2006:

  1. Zoho Suite - (my 2006 Zoho review)
  2. Flickr - (my 2006 Flickr review)
  3. Skype - (my 2006 Skype review)
  4. Meebo - (my 2006 Meebo review)
  5. - (my 2006 delicious review)
  6. Odeo - (my 2006 Odeo review)
  7. Audacity - (my 2006 Audacity review)
  8. Google Earth - (my 2006 Google Earth review)
  9. Bloglines - (my 2006 Bloglines review)
  10. Google IG - (my 2006 Google IG review)
  11. SlideShare - (my 2006 SlideShare review)
  12. Pandora - (my 2006 Pandora review)
Only some of the tools listed above will be in the new Hall of Fame. Others might be on the year-end list and still others will fall off the list altogether. Several new tools will make their debut.

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