Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tech Club Hits the News

The elementary school Tech Club that I am volunteering for received a little local press a few days ago. The story ran in the Superior Daily Telegram after a reporter visited the school during our third after-school meeting of the club.

For this second club project, each person designed their own floorplan of a bedroom or even a whole house. I was planning to use Gliffy for this exercise, but their limit on the number of saved designs made that not a good choice for a group of 30 students. I really don't want to create an account for each kid, so we are using a single mother account whenever possible. That was possible using the free drawing tools at

Here is an example created by Josh. Others can be seen at the blog created for the club.

Click on the floorplan to view full size.

Top photo by Anna Kurth of Daily Telegram.

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