Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Top Web Tools of 2007 - Number 7 makes it on my list, even though I have more videos uploaded and have had more views and comments at YouTube than at Blip. So why Mainly because of the quality. YouTube has more videos, more users, and more buzz; but the quality of the viewing experience with Blip far surpasses that of YouTube. Check out this embedded video of an LSC advertisement that is stored at

Another reason that I like Blip is because you can more easily get different sizes of the embedded player, and you can link to the page itself at Blip where viewers have a full screen option - something you can't get at YouTube.

Their online support is good, their FAQ page is helpful, and they also have a useful step-by-step tutorial on their website. For example, here is the page for video production. Other pages (chapters) include Concept, Tools, Export, Distribute, Community, and Advertising.

For embedding videos in blogs, or inside your VLE (IMS/LMS/CMS), or on any other webpage, I recommend Blip over YouTube. If you want to get more eyes watching your video at the video hosting site, then YouTube is probably the way to go. I will continue to use YouTube as well, but Blip is where I can get better embedded video quality.

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