Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tra Vinh Palace Hotel

Very hard to tell you much about the hotel without sounding too much like a spoiled brat who prefers 4-stars and up. I keep trying to compare it to the Saigon Majestic or the Saigon Legend Hotel, and that is really an unfair comparison. That would be similar to trying to compare the two cities with one another. Tra Vinh is at the end of the line in rural Vietnam and Saigon is a metropolis.

But I'll try anyway. I'll put several small pictures in this post. You can click through to see them larger if interested. First is the sign that hangs by the small reception desk. Points 3 & 4 were worthy of a picture. Tra Vinh is apparently NOT trying to become the next Vegas. They keep my passport at the front desk during my stay. Not really sure why, but that may have to do with the police reference in point number 5.

I found this little guy in my room. Turns that this little penguin is the trash can. Step near his groin area and his head pops open. If you can look closely enough (probably not) there is some blue writing on his belly that says "Garbage, Please Come In!" Present company excluded, I'm sure.

Here's a shot of the bathroom. See anything missing? There is a curtain rod but no shower curtain. There is a drain on the tile floor in the bathroom, and all I can figure is that you just don't worry about where the water will shoot since they have the drain there. And trust me, the water shoots everywhere. One of those shower heads where the water comes out in every direction, some intended, some not.

They also apparently encourage water fights with this little pistol hanging on the wall. Either that, or you can wash your dishes in the bathroom sink. Sure, I bet that's it. The fact that it is hooked up to the toilet shouldn't be of any concern. It's not as if you would get your drinking water out of that little gun, is it?

This place isn't handicap accessible, nor do they try to be in any visible way. No elevator at all. See that spiral staircase? It's 42 steps up to the second floor where I'm staying.
Had I known that I would have tried to pack more lightly. Just about killed the poor bell hop-type person. I never would have made it lugging my super heavy suitcase plus extra bags of stuff. Slippery marble steps make it even more challenging. 42 steps might not seem like much, but OMG they feel more like 142.

There are room air conditioners throughout the hotel, but apparently they prefer not to use them. Seems preferable to have the doors and windows open so that the 92 degree air can cool the place off (this is early March for cryin' out loud). Having the doors open allows other hotel guests to join us. This little guy (he's alive, trust me) seems to be checking out the temperature first hand.

So, here's the deal. The people here at the Palace are very nice. They don't speak English much but they are very attentive and want you to be pleased during your stay. Parts of the hotel seem very fancy and ornate, and other parts are badly in need of replacement. Compared to the way that most people live here in Tra Vinh Province .... this is a king's castle.

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