Thursday, March 08, 2007

Internet Gaming in Vietnam

On Thursday night in Tra Vinh I was waiting for my dinner companions to arrive at the restaurant at the Cuu Long Hotel . I wandered across the street to look at the Internet shop that was open and appeared to be doing a thriving business.

There were about a dozen kids (all boys) in there, each frantically playing some online game. I could see that a few were playing fairly simple games, but most were playing MMORPGs.

The equipment was mainly older looking and a real mishmash of different makes and models. Earlier in the day at the University I was told that most of their computers were United Nations models … meaning that they were put together using different parts form all over the place. That appeared to also be the case in this Internet shop.

I forgot to ask how much they pay to play these games, so I’ll try to get back to one on Saturday to get more info.

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