Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Scribd is Cool

Scribd (pronounced as "scribed" I'm guessing) is another very interesting solution for placing documents online. Scribd allows you to display your documents in a web browser using their custom Flash PDF player. Your uploaded document can be converted to many different formats, including Word, PDF, plain text, HTML, JPEG, PowerPoint, Excel, Postscript, LIT, and even audio format.

Some other features they tout are (from their FAQ):

  • Publish a document online with its own public URL that will be indexed by Google and other search engines and be read by a lot of people
  • Embed a long or complex document in your blog or personal webpage
  • Convert a document to an mp3 that you can listen to on your iPod (or other mp3 player)
  • Bulk upload files (that's right, storage is unlimited!)
  • Choose among a variety of copyright licenses for each of your documents
I don't have many documents uploaded yet, but here is my profile and list of documents.

I'll make my first embed attempt below. Try out the mp3 player as well, where a computer generated voice will read the text to you. I'm thinking this has big possibilities.

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