Sunday, March 04, 2007

Majestic Hotel Saigon

I arrive at my hotel in Saigon at about 11 PM local time which is 10AM Sunday at home. I left the hotel in Minneapolis to begin the journey at 7 AM Saturday so that sounds like about 27 hours of travel time from point A to point B. The long flight (Chicago to Hong Kong) was about 15 hours and just over 8,000 miles. It is kind of cool when they show the flight tracker in between the movies. We hit our exact half-way point somewhere over the Arctic Ocean north of Siberia. I’m not sure if we went right over the North Pole or not, but we definitely came close.

The flight from Hong Kong to Saigon was a relative piece of cake, a little less than two hours and the plane wasn’t all that full. I’m staying in a different hotel than I did the first time. First trip (with AACC) was at the Legend Hotel Saigon. The Legend is very nice but I just wanted to try some of the different hotels. For this first part of this trip I am staying at the Majestic Hotel Saigon. The Majestic is less expensive than the Legend but seems more fancy, old, and elegant. Tomorrow I’ll get a good look at it in the daylight. The fruit bowl is just one of the many extras they have for their guests. The goofy looking thing is a pitaya fruit which is very yummy and exotic. They are grown here in Vietnam but you can also find them in Mexico and Central and South America.


Alfred said...

Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

vnrozier said...

I remember the Hôtel Majestic from the 1960's. Perhaps things have changed but in those days it had a very old fashioned service and was my favouritr place to stay in Saigon.
Good luck with your trip.

Barry Dahl said...

I would still consider the service to be somewhat old-fashioned. Very gracious staff (you don't see that much any more) and attention to detail. I've only stayed at two hotels in Saigon (Legend is the other, also nice), but I went into and checked out about six or seven others for possible future stays. By far, I prefer the Majestic over all I've seen so far. BD