Thursday, January 04, 2007

Second Life Welcome Wagon

second life logo

Finally, after months of procrastination, I created a Second Life account today, downloaded the software, and tried to get started. The site was extremely sluggish and took about two minutes just for my six-digit password to load into the form field. After about ten minutes of waiting, re-trying, and waiting some more, I get this ...

second life crashed

So gee, that was totally worth the wait.


Anonymous said...

Hi Barry,

Just curious. Did you check to make sure your PC met the minimum specification? Frequently the culprit is a graphics card that is not up to spec.

Best of luck,

Barry Dahl said...

Yep, I just barely fell short of the minimum specs on the computer I was using. Luckily I have two other computers, and at least my new notebook has no problem with the graphics card. Haven't checked out my home computer yet.

Thanks, Barry