Sunday, January 14, 2007

Manning vs. Unitas

Colts Vs. Colts

When I was a kid, my first favorite football team was the Baltimore Colts. Probably my favorite Colts team was in '65: Johnny Unitas, Ray Berry, Jerry Hill, John Mackey, Tom Matte, Lenny Moore, Jimmy Orr. That was the year that Matte had to fill in at quarterback in the playoffs and had the plays written on his wristband. They lost to the Packers that day 13-10, but I was proud to be a Colts fan.

So imagine my thrill at seeing the TV listings in the always-stellar Superior Daily Telegram. Yes! The Baltimore Colts were finally going to get their revenge from Bob Irsay and the others who moved the Colts to Indy in the dead of the night. Yes, Johnny U was going to hit Raymond Berry on a post pattern late in the fourth to seal the deal. Alas, the real game was not nearly as exciting as those in my dreams.

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