Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Web Analytics

Things they are a-changing, at least in the online world.

TechCruch announced recently that usage of the Firefox browser has grown to 16% in the U.S. That might not sound like much until you realize that this is the first serious bite made into Microsoft's dominance in the browser market since AOL/Netscape basically gave up on the Netscape browser. Some countries such as Germany (39%) and Australia (24%) have much larger percentages of Firefox users.

Another change that is finally being realized is in screen resolutions. I think that web developers can finally give up on the idea that they must design pages for the 800 X 600 resolution crowd. Clearly that ship has sailed. reports the following about screen resolutions:

The most popular screen resolutions in the world now are:

  1. 1024 X 768 = 56%
  2. 1280 X 1024 = 16%
  3. 800 X 600 = 12%
  4. 1280 X 800 = 4%
  5. 1152 X 864 = 4%

Through my Blogflux account, I can get similar analytics for the people who visit my blogs.

  • Browsers: IE = 50%, Firefox = 46%, Safari = 4%
  • Resolutions: 1024 X 768 = 61%, 1280 X 1024 = 13%, 800 X 600 = 3%

I think this clearly shows that the higher education crowd and the blog-reading crowd are way ahead of the curve, especially in the browser battle. Notice that this post was blogged using Flock, another of the new entries into the browser market. It will interesting to see how the adoptions of this browser grow in the next year or two.

Lastly, the one thing that I never see anyone measure is the number of multiple-browser users that are out there. My guess is that they are significant. I currently use four browsers on a fairly regular basis: Firefox, Flock, IE, and Netscape 8. I also have installed and occasionally use the following: Maxthon, Opera, and AvantBrowser. Each one has features that I like, but none are perfect.

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