Wednesday, July 05, 2006 at NECC2006

My first session at Necc2006 was true to my theme for this conference about Internet Safety for kids. I came away with several useful resources. Here are a few takeaways from the session.
According to

Most significant dangers in cyberspace

  • #1: cyber-bullying
  • #2: responsible use
  • #3: cyber predation
A few of their many stats:
  • 38% of students (gr. 5-12) visit chat rooms
  • 61% of 13-17 year olds have personal profiles on social networking sites
  • 27% (gr. 5-12) say it is easier to be accepted into online groups than real world groups at school
  • 25% of students believed there was nothing wrong with chatting with strangers on the Internet
  • 10% okay to post their pictures
  • 10% have met someone F2F originally met online
  • 47% of parents feel limited in their ability to monitor
    their kids’ online behaviors and shelter them from inappropriate material

Are filters the answer?

  • They provide some protection when used
  • Kids will get around them
  • Kids will be on unfiltered computers at least part of the time (at friends and other places)
  • Google “MySpace at school” to see how they get around filters at school (backdoors)
i-SAFE resources are free

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There is no better internet safety organization than