Friday, July 07, 2006

Gadgets NECC2006

Leslie Fisher presented this afternoon on geeky gadgets.

  • Snapz Pro (Mac $49) and Snaggit (Windows $39)
    • screen shot software
    • also makes Quicktime movies with sound
  • Squeeze compresses video for web-viewing
  • Instant Messaging
  • Fonts - Font Reserve (Mac or PC $99) will create a central font database
    • You can still get to the others (the 13 core fonts are always avail)
    • Your system will run faster by not having all the fonts load each time
  • Clipart
  • Affordable photos
  • Camera slow?
    • Could be a slow speed digital camera card
    • Lexar Professional 1 gig $58
    • San Disk Extreme III $63
    • Use a card reader rather than hookup camera directly to computer
    • Lexar has cool USB drive for flash memory
  • Show off your photos
  • Photo printer
    • Epson R800 ($399)
    • Fade resistant ink 100-200 years
    • 8 color cartridges
    • 11X14 photo in under 2 minutes
  • Image rescue by Lexar ($30)
    • works with any flash memory card
    • Buy a Lexar card and it comes with the rescue software

Okay stop!!! This is stupid. After midnight tonight all her slides will be available online at

Go to to agree to her conditions for viewing her slides. Right now the old version of her slides are online, but she promised to load the new version within the next 24 hours.

After agreeing, scroll down to "Topic Based Handouts" and click on "Gadgets! 2006" (she might rename it when she uploads the new ones, but you'll figure it out.)

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