Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fish Tacos in Sun Diego NECC2006

Aaahhhh, I finally got to go to the Tin Fish for my favorite fish tacos. They're not cheap (nothing is here) but they are worth it. They have fried fish tacos, but you definitely want to go top shelf with the grilled fish tacos. You can get swordfish, salmon, halibut, as well as shrimp (that's not a fish taco!!). I like the first three, with a slight nod to the halibut (premium price) with the swordfish a very close second.

The Tin Fish is right at the base of the Omni Hotel which is connected to my favorite ballpark (Petco) where my beloved Padres play. I wish I had stayed at the Omni again this time. The Hyatt is incredibly expensive and farther away from the Tin Fish and the rest of the Gaslamp Quarter such as Dick's Last Resort (enter on 5th Street between J and K into the outdoor courtyard) and the Padres paraphernalia stores. Including tax, this room is over $400 per night. That's insane. I don't care how popular a destination the Sun Diego beaches might be.

I gotta go to a sports bar (boo hoo). The Padres are leading the Phillies 3-1 in the 6th but the game is not on in my room. I hope to get there before Trevor Time.

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Jason said...

Wow...I am going to check it out! :) Thanks.