Wednesday, July 05, 2006

San Diego Travelogue NECC2006

I put together a video of some of the sights and scenes of San Diego. It has ALMOST nothing to do with NECC2006. Most of it was shot today but a few shots came from my last trip here when the Padres were in town and I went to the zoo.

We're just barely past the longest day of the year but it sure gets dark early here. Twilight before 8 PM and totally dark by 8:20. Padres pulled it out today on a 3-run dinger by my favorite player Jeff Spicoli (Kahlil Greene)'s on the video. First time I've ever shot video off a large flat-screen TV, I guess that's how depressed I am that the Padres are not in town. I'm hoping that the bottle of very cheap champagne that I'm drinking will also help me make it through the night.

I don't have good shots of all of it, but you newcomers to San Diego should check out the toolbox skyline. The Hyatt is a standard screwdriver, then there's a phillips head screwdriver close by, and near that is a set of allen wrenches (hex shaped tops on 5 or 6 towers clustered together). They haven't built a claw hammer building yet.

Some of the zoo pics show some of my practice efforts using the cloning tool in a photo editing program. I'll start it off with an obligatory NECC shot, toss in some Padres, some zoo animals, some skyline shots, the Hotel Del Coronado, a little video from the Tin Fish restaurant, Seaport Village, and the view from my room at the Hyatt. I don't even know why I'm doing it, I'm just killing time. (Also, I didn't feel like editing the error where I say "powerpoint" instead of video.)

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Dean Shareski said...

Thanks for providing some of the unconference stuff from NECC. Been following the various feeds/blogs but glad you're enjoying the city. Otherwise you might as well have stayed home like me!

Barry Dahl said...

Hi Dean,
I love San Diego. I actually lived here (Coronado) back in the mid-70s for about a year. NECC is great and the fact that is in SD this year is just a huge bonus for me. Barry