Saturday, December 22, 2007

Top Web Tools of 2007 - Number 4

Toondoo allows users to create 1-panel, 2-panel, or 3-panel comic strips. Saying something with limited space and with humor is a creative skill that can be nurtured in all people, no matter what the discipline or program. You can also create ToonBooks, which is a flip book of as many panels as you choose. Here is a ToonBook telling you how to make a ToonBook.

I put together this little toonbook as a recap of my top web tools, numbers 6 through 12. It's embedded below and here it is at the Toondoo site.

barrydahlFrom my list of Top Web Tools of 2007 - numbers 6 through 12.

Using a cartoon building exercise is a good way to stretch students' creative muscles while giving them a project that they will enjoy and learn from. One suggestion is to assign a group project to 3-5 students. Have them create a storyboard together that depicts a cartoon on a particular topic that is germane to the course material being taught. Keep in mind that comic strips can be funny, but they don't have to be. Have them work together to create a storyboard that they all agree on as a way of making their point with the cartoon. Then have each of them create their own rendition of that storyboard using Toondoo. They will choose different backgrounds, different characters, etc., but they will be aiming toward the same basic idea for the cartoon.

My main complaint about the Toondoo site is that it is not safe for children. You will most likely see some unsavory language in some of the Doos as well as the comments, and possibly some images as well. Although college students can probably handle that, you have to question whether they should be put in that position in the first place. I wanted to use Toondoo with my Tech Club at the elementary school, but just couldn't do it due to the adult content. I used a different site that is very safe, but also only has a small amount of the functionality of Toondoo. That other site is makebeliefscomix.

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Unknown said...


Thanks for trying ToonDoo.

We understand your concern about the adult content at ToonDoo.

It is for this reason that we have introduced two special features at ToonDoo:

1. The SAFE SEARCH - ON / OFF option right on our home page. It is visible once you log into the website. On choosing SAFE SEARCH - ON, you can filter out all the inappropriate content.

2. On your 'my-profile' page, there is a CHECK BOX that provides you an option to show or not show all Toondoos,including content flagged as inappropriate. You could check or choose the same to ensure clean content on the site.

Do make use of the above features, try the tool with your students and give us your feedback.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you at our website.

Vidya Ganesh
Team Toondoo