Thursday, October 18, 2007

Random Thoughts

Seeing how AT&T has changed their terms of service to potentially dump customers who criticize them, I'm expecting any day now to receive a letter from Northwest Airlines thanking me for all the money over the years, but telling me that my kind of business is no longer welcome at NWA. Not only have I ranted about them in this blog from time to time, but I also sent a formal complaint to the airline about the way I was treated on my return trip from Asia. That complaint was filed over a week ago. I'm not exactly holding my breath waiting for a reply because I firmly believe that they just don't care. "Elite" customer? Hah, that's pretty funny.

Better yet, just wait until the RIAA tries to get their hands around my neck. I've sent a "Reader's View" letter to the Duluth News Tribune about the travesty of justice served up by a jury right here in Duluth. If they publish the letter (no earlier than next week, if at all I'm told), I expect that the RIAA will move my name near the top of the list of people whose lives they would like to squash. I'm guessing that they won't like being called a terrorist organization, even though it's true. Everybody is concerned about cyberbullying among youngsters, but who is looking into the cyberbullying going on in corporate America? Nobody.

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