Monday, October 15, 2007

Latest Michael Wesch Video

Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Kansas State University has again collaborated with his students to produce a video that is certain to be very widely viewed. On the heels of The Machine is Us/ing Us, comes along A Vision of Students Today, embedded below or use this YouTube link. Since seeing the first one I've wondered if he and I might be distantly related. My mother was a Wesch and about a third of my cousins have the Wesch surname as well. More importantly, here's the video:

The original post on Michael's blog explains how it was made and how the students provided the input.

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Maayan said...

Hello Barry, I'm a friend of Chau from Yahoo360, who took me to Video of Bill. That was really something. And great for Chau too for the interview and articles she wrote. As I'm homeshooling my son, I found this particular video by Michael Wesh really got my attention; it must be very satisfying for him and his student. Good day, Maayan.