Friday, October 26, 2007

20 minute PD

Here are some of the cool things that I learned recently from my blog aggregator. In total, I spent about 20 minutes learning about these things from several people that I consider to be my teachers.

1. via Nancy White: this very cool flash video - Animator vs. Animation

2. via Mental Floss: a video contest winner (and losers) -String Theory explained in 2 min.

3. From 463 Communications: another poll about the Internet (many people like it!)

4. via Jane Hart: a very interesting publishing tool - Springnote

5. via Inside Higher Ed: Apollo Group (think U of Phoenix) is going global

6. via Scott McLeod: two posts from Doug Johnson (and about Nancy Willard) dealing with fear mongering (post 1) and sticky messages (post 2) related to kids' uses of the Internet.

Having all this useful information delivered directly to me is just one example of how communications in the world are changing.

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jclove said...

Thank you for your comment on springnote. Springnote is a great tool to use when teaching students.

Why? save, interact with students and use for presentations all with one Internet connection. no need for backup USB's or after class meet ups.

Hope you too can enjoy the benefits of our program,

best regards