Wednesday, September 12, 2007

End of the World?

Yep, last night we got a Wii. Or more accurately, last night, at about 7:45, we finally hooked up the Wii that I bought a couple of months ago thanks to a little help from one of my friends. This could be the end of life as we know it.

After sitting in hiding for the past two months (mainly to not upset their summer activities at the lake home ("I want to go home!" (to play the Wii!!))), we (wii?) finally set the thing loose from the box that has been keeping us from enjoying hours of family fun together.

Actually, the early reports are pretty good. I insisted that one of the first games we bought was Big Brain Academy in hopes that this could lead to some learning as well as some family fun. So far we have had a lot of family fun.

This was going to be a family Christmas present, but when the kids finally decided to follow my advice and save their money for something "significant," they collectively decided that the something significant would be a Wii. Little did they know that I had already purchased one, but still I was impressed with their stick-to-it-iveness in saving their money to come up with $250 dollars total. I told them that if they bought the system that I would buy the extra controllers, games, and other crappola. Needless to say, their $250 came in handy for that part of the deal.

For the record. I am currently the king of our little world in ping-pong and skeet shooting. However, those are the only games that I've so far been able to weasel my way into. Just wait until wii play tennis - I'll crush them like the grade-schoolers that they are!! Boo-hah-hah.

(Why did I red-out their eyes? Because somewhere, sometime, somehow, somefreak would take me to task for putting my precious kids at risk by putting their photos on the Internet. But apparently it was OK for their photo to be on the front page of the local paper last week even though 25 registered sex offenders live within a one-mile radius of our house, with most of them probably subscribing to the local newspaper. Whatever.)

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