Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More Fish Tacos

One of my most searched (most found?) blog posts was titled Fish Tacos in Sun Diego. Today I had the chance to sample some fish tacos in Santa Fe. I was looking for a place with free WiFi and found the Atomic Grill near the Plaza.

This was a great little place although I can't tell you much about the menu. As soon as I saw fish tacos on the menu I was heading for the car to get my laptop bag and plug the meter. IMO, the best fish tacos are with grilled or broiled, unbreaded filets. I'm not even that particular about the type of fish cause I've had good ones from all different kinds of fish.

There were two things that kept the Atomic Grill fish tacos from moving to the head of the class in my book. They used breaded fish (very tasty, but breaded fish is just not as good) and they use lettuce instead of cabbage. They did have some very tangy Southwestern tartar sauce (or something like that) and some hot salsa to be added to the tacos.


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