Wednesday, August 30, 2006

News for the Day

Educause in bed with the RIAA? How sad. The video they collaborated on to "educate" students about illegal file-sharing is not being well received. What the hell were they thinking? Educause, that is. Here's an example of the backlash being directed at the video which will also, I assume, be directed at Educause. The article says "The RIAA says that more than 350 universities have expressed interest in the video." Well, DOH, that's because Educause has had a rather sparkling reputation....but this will take some of the shine off.

Penn State offering text messaging for campus news to students. We'll all be doing this within a couple of years (or else).

Student social networking embraced by some colleges. Again, coming soon to a campus near you whether you like it or not.

More about students avoiding traditional lectures. Once again, you need to do something more productive, more active, more engaging in class that just talk AT them.

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