Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Duluth Photo Show

The photo slideshow below contains just a few of the great photos of Duluth and the surrounding area from photographer Dennis O'Hara. I am trying to decide which photos to take as framed gifts from LSC to the schools we will visit in Guangzhou, China during October. Visit his website and let me know if you have any particular favorites that we should use as gifts that uniquely show the beauty of Duluth.

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Haoyue said...

I lived in China 4 years. Your photos are great, but make sure you take photos that show American everyday life too. The Chinese don't understand what a suburb is or why cars are necessary or what we really eat at a normal dinner table. Everybody knows America has natural beauty, hence the Chinese name: MeiGuo(美国, Beautiful Country).

Barry Dahl said...

Wow, thanks alot. Your comment came in before I even knew for sure that I was done posting it.

Good advice about the photos, I appreciate it.

arvind said...

The photos in the embedded Zoho Show presentation look great, Barry :-)