Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Make your own map

Jane asked about making a map of where students in her online class come from. You no longer need to learn GIS or other high-end software, now you can make your own maps very easily using one of several different web apps. I created a free account at and had this map made in about five minutes: (Click on the "Launch" button to expand into a new window, or go to the map here)

Note: for some reason the Bitty Browser below works correctly sometimes (in I.E. it seems to) and sometimes not (a couple of times it did work but not always using Firefox). If you see the LSC home page instead of a map, then use the link above to the map.

I haven't yet looked into a way to bulk upload a bunch of addresses to do this, but it is easy if you only need to be reasonably accurate (correct city but not necessarily the correct street or corner) and don't have too many waypoints (the little balloons) to set.

Kind of fun actually. Zoom in or out for more or less detail. Later

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