Friday, March 03, 2006

Learning? Yes...but can you do it with style?

I've been reading alot lately about learning theory (or rather theories, since there are so many of them). I wanted to share two things that I have come across recently.

In her blog Creating Passionate Users, Kathy Sierra provides an excellent entry titled Crash Course in Learning Theory. Not the same old stale bread.

Education blogger Jay Cross has an entertaining post titled Learning Styles, ha, ha, ha at his Internet Time Blog. You can also download the 186-page report that he is referring to where the report authors basically poke fun at the academic research that has been done in regard to learning styles. I love that kind of stuff.


Bill Kerr said...

hi barry,

I liked the list of dichotomies in the ha ha ha link, what a laugh

have you seen george siemens connectivism theory, it's interesting?

I've also been going over my old notes about papert's constructionism

these theories attempt to look at some of the deeper learning stuctures perhaps (?)

Barry Dahl said...

Hi Bill,

I read your March 4 post about Papert on the day you posted it (Bloglines, ain't it grand?). That did spark my interest in learning more which I hope to do in the near future.

I have been reading much about connectivism during the past month.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate the feedback.