Sunday, March 26, 2006

Like a kid in a candy store

Way too much to choose from....

I’ve been preparing for a new workshop at LSC about Web 2.0 tools. One of the problems I’m having is choosing only 6-8 of them to demonstrate. I basically promised six useful tools in 60 minutes. However, I want to look at 10-12 tools instead of just 6.

I guess what I’ll try to do is show them step-by-step how to use six of the tools, while mixing in just a 1 minute taste of each of another 6 or so tools. Let’s see how these numbers work out:

  • There are several audio tools that I would like to show, but I’ll probably have to settle for one or two. (1.5)
  • There are five or six blog “add-ons” that I am interested in, will probably have to go with only one. (1)
  • I’m familiar with about 8 of the social bookmarking tools, but will probably have to choose two. (2)
  • Way too many of the collaboration tools (at least 10) have potential educational uses. I’m still getting to know about most of these so I’ll probably just include one. (1)
  • The communications tools are so important for educators and students. I’ll probably need to include at least two of them, but should do a whole workshop on just those. (2)
  • Of the 40 or so community-building sites, I’ll probably have to look at one and mention another. (1.5)
  • At least one hosting site for data and applications needs to be included. (1)
  • I’d be tempted to do more, but I probably need to include at least three of the digital images (mainly photos) sites. (3)
  • The mapping tools are very powerful (and fun); I have to include at least one of those. (1)
  • RSS feeds: this is so important but I’ll probably only include one of these and then do a whole workshop on educational uses of feeds in the near future. (1)
  • Video sharing: at least one good one must be included. (1)
  • Multimedia, polling, portals, memos, calendaring, search, software, stats, etc. etc. etc. (1)
So, how’d that turn out? Not so great. I count seventeen things that need to be included, yet I don’t think that I’ll even have time for twelve. I guess I’ll just pick some that are representative of the others and go with that.

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