Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Blog Recap for 2007

During the past year, I made 154 posts to this blog. Blog visitors mainly arrived here via Internet Explorer (59%) and Firefox (33%). The busiest month of the year was October with 1,567 unique visitors.

Many people find the blog via search engines. The Google search engine was used 96% of the time. The three most commonly used search phrases that people used to find my blog include:

  1. Stupid signs (or funny signs) = 1,007 times
  2. Club Penguin (or club peng) = 876
  3. Turnitin sucks (and similar) = 320
Three most visited single posts were:
  1. Club Penguin Primer
  2. Turnitin Sucks
  3. Famous Chinese Artist
My favorite five posts:
  1. Minnesota Smoking Ban
  2. This is Amazing
  3. 24 Hours (in Tra Vinh, Vietnam)
  4. Day Two in Tianjin
  5. More Insanity from NWA

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