Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Using CamStudio

This was just an experiment using CamStudio to record a Skype call. The video wasn't working on the other end, but otherwise CamStudio is a good way to capture both the audio and the video of the call. Granted, talking head webcam shots are not intriguing video, but I was just fooling around anyway. CamStudio is a free clone of Camtasia, used more for recording PowerPoint presentations and screencasts of computer apps.

The purpose of the Skype call was just to demonstrate the technology for some K-12 teachers in Nevada who were attending a professional development session with Brian Crosby, 4th grade teacher in Sparks. The call isn't terribly interesting, but I posted it to see how well it works to record the call, upload to You Tube, then embed in blog. Worked pretty well.

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