Monday, April 28, 2008

Zoho Rocks

Wow, Zoho scores again. Today they are releasing another update to their spreadsheet product called Zoho Sheet. This is no ordinary update, IMO. They are adding functionality for both Macros and Pivot Tables with this upgrade. They continue to leave Google Docs and Spreadsheets in their dust with added functionality. Google gets more eyeballs, but Zoho is just better! This is a 5 minute video released by Zoho demonstrating some of these new features.

The amazing part is that they have figured out how to execute Visual Basic without using a Microsoft back-end, which should lead to some other pretty interesting possibilities for future functionality. It is great to be able to see those services develop right before your eyes.

A few other new features that make Sheet more Excel-like include:

  • a) You can double click on the column and row separators to set the optimal width and height. (I use this all the time in Excel)
  • b) Many new keyboard shortcuts are available.
  • c) There is now a Set as Text icon on the toolbar for when you want a number to not be a number (such as to display leading zeroes, etc.)
  • d) you can now add names to ranges or cells.

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arvind said...

Thanks a lot for taking note of this important Zoho Sheet update & for your appreciation, Barry!