Sunday, April 20, 2008

Loving Guitar Hero

So my son had a birthday and got a gift of Guitar Hero for the Wii. He'd previously played it several times with his friends, but now we have our own CD and plastic guitar in the house. I wasn't too sure that I would be interested in it. I've never had much talent with real musical instruments and that appears to cross over to fake instruments as well. However, there is one very cool redeeming feature about Guitar Hero.

The best thing about Guitar Hero is that my kids are absolutely loving some of the music from my era, which hasn't really been the case until now. When I hear them singing and strumming to some of these songs, I just head on over to the den to join in or sit back and watch them in action:

  • Paint it Black (Stones, one of my all-time favorites)
  • La Grange (ZZ Top, the one song that they have liked from my CD collection)
  • Mississippi Queen (Mountain)
  • School's Out (AC)
  • Paranoid (BS)
  • Pride and Joy (SRV)
There are some newer songs on there as well, which they like but I don't seem to know much at all. Still, this is a good way of bringing the generations together.

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