Friday, March 23, 2007

Additions to Picnik Basket

Picnik is quickly becoming one of my favorite web tools and is a good bet to make it to my 2007 year-end list of Top 12 Web Tools. I was pleasantly surprised to find some new tools when I logged onto my free account last night. I needed (okay, wanted) to add some borders to some screenshots that I had made. I knew that this feature was not in Picnik previously, but I just wanted to see if they had added anything new, and lo and behold, borders were one of the newly added features.

I have put together a simple document showing some of the new tools in Picnik. This document uses a new open source "flipbook-style" document created at This acroflip service is beta or alpha and rather unstable. It worked for me this time, but I had several false starts last week in trying to get it to work properly.

Check out my Acroflip document on adding borders in Picnik.
(NOTE: March 25, 9:30 AM, I was able to upload a corrected document into Acroflip and have revised the web links in this post.)


Willem Karssenberg said...

Nice tools you're showing!
But in the book you use the wrong url: picnic instead of picnik.
So first i wondered what I should do on that website:-)

Barry Dahl said...

Hi Willem,
Yes, I noticed two bad links in the acroflip document yesterday.
I corrected my pdf, tried to upload it again to acroflip and once again ran into problems at that site. I'll keep trying to get it fixed.

I hope the other site wasn't too bad ... there's danger lurking around every turn on the Internet ... apparently.

Take care, Barry