Monday, February 11, 2008

UStream Becoming MainStream appears to be finding a significant audience, at least among many of the technology-enabled educators that I know and follow. More and more things are being broadcast live from conference presentations, to classroom activities, to special events at the school.

To that end, I will be livecasting my upcoming keynote address via The keynote is scheduled for Saturday, February 16 at 5:30 Eastern time from the e-Learning 2008 conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. The topic is "E-Learning Mythbusters - Is Conventional Wisdom Wrong?"

For this presentation the audience members will be using clicker technology to vote on whether they think something is a myth or reality. I'm not sure how well that will all come through over UStream, but I'm hoping for the best. Apparently, there is a way that you can also have remote viewers vote in polls as well, but I don't think I'll have time to get that figured out by tomorrow night. That does sound very cool though.

At any rate, UStream is being used more and more all the time by educators to broadcast live events such as lectures, conference presentations, classroom projects and students speeches, and in any other way that you might think of using your own little private TV channel.

The UStream window can be embedded in any web page, including inside your VLE such as D2L, Blackboard, Angel, etc. I'm thinking that this will continue to grow. It is free. It is extremely easy. It allows for both live and archived video. Sounds pretty good to me.

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ustream said...

Let me Welcome you to Ustream, we are thrilled that the educational community has accepted Ustream as a new poerful tool in the learning process. ny daughter is an educator and one of the early target audiences was the educational community. The never ending uses that teachers are finding to put this tool to use never ceases to amaze us.
And yes, Ustream has a pwoerful instant broadcaster poll feature that is extremely easy to use, for ohter tips and hints on using Ustream visit the Ustream Users Community Forum every Tuesday and Friday on