Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dog Paddlers Rock the World

The LSC Husky Dog Paddlers had what must have been their best day ever at the Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival. Winning their first heat, and then taking six seconds off their time during the second heat, helped put the team just .03 seconds out of first place among the nine entries in the Education Division.

Overall they finished in 37th place out of 86 teams, just missing the finals of the silver (middle) division. The embedded slide show contains several shots from the day, although no one was able to get the Dog Paddlers in action during the races (it's hard to paddle and shoot pictures at the same time).

Just a few notes: Listen people!! You paddle a dragon boat!! You don't ROW one!! You use a paddle, not an OAR!! All the cute little names like Intimidate-Oars, Insure Oars, Holy Rowers, We are Outd'oar, First Oar Else, and Rowed Rage are just dumb. That's like having a fantasy football team named the Shortstops or the Point Guards.

The end result? This was a great day. Great weather. Great sportsmanship. Lots of money raised for charity. The Keyport Krew won the wet t-shirt contest (capsized) and for good luck, one paddler wore pearls from China (the home of dragon boat racing where the good paddlers stand up while putting on a major push - here's a 30-second video if you don't believe me). Yes, this was a great day. Those Husky Dog Paddlers are the bomb.

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Joshua said...

True dat on the "rowing names" I always hate it when I go by some people in my canoe and they start yelling ROW! ROW! ROW! It is just plain wrong!!
Joshua Tesch