Friday, July 27, 2007

Must See for Congress

I'm almost finished with Larry Lessig's excellent book, Free Culture.

Lessig continues to educate me about copyright law, the history of copyright, and the total clueless-ness that our lawmakers are exhibiting in the realm of copyright protection.

His book is excellent, but I can't imagine that any seat holder in Congress would ever take the time to educate themselves about this topic, so I have little hope that any of them have or ever will read it.

So, here is a 30 minute "cliffy," an abridged version of the book on SlideShare that is a lecture by Lessig, with minimalist PPT slides to help you follow along. Every person serving in Congress should spend 30 minutes educating themselves about this topic. BTW, this is only the tip of the iceberg, the book contains much more information that he couldn't fit into a 30-minute presentation.

This also illustrates a use of the new SlideShare feature of embedded audio, which makes it a much better service.

Thanks to Ross Mayfield for the tip on this particular SlideShare presentation.

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Glad to see this on SlideShare. In case it's useful, the original is here: