Monday, November 13, 2006

File Conversion

I've been trying out a new file conversion tool by Zamzar. It's totally free and maybe the best part is that you don't have to create an acocunt with them to use it. I have so many accounts at so many different sites that it is a bit of a challenge to keep them all straight.

All you do is upload the file that you want to convert, choose the file type that you want it converted to, give them an email address where they will send you notification of the converted file, and click Submit. Then in a minute or two, you'll receive an email with a link to their download site where you can grab your new file.

I have tried several files so far:

  1. converted a Word doc into an HTML file (can also convert to pdf, png, and several others)
  2. converted an mp3 audio file into a wma (windows media audio)
  3. converted an mpg (movie) file into an mp3 (stripped out only the audio)
  4. converted a PowerPoint file into an HTML file (although I'm having a hard time downloading it).

Other useful conversions include:
  • PDF files converted to Word, Excel, or HTML
  • BMP (bitmap) or TIFF converted to either JPG or GIF
  • Just about any music/audio file type into any other (including open source OGG)
  • Just about any video format into another, including mp4 for small screens
I haven't found a downside yet. See all current conversion types here.

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