Monday, October 09, 2006

Guangzhou University

We arrived in Guangzhou at 6:20 AM local time Monday morning after a 14.5 hour flight from LAX and about 27 hours in travel status from Duluth. Interesting to watch (and watch and watch) the flight tracker on board as we basically went up the shoreline of North America and curved around Alaska and then down the shoreline of Asia before flying over China from the north to the south to Guangzhou near the South China Sea.

We had our first meet and greet that same afternoon at Guangzhou University (1 AM Minnesota time). This picture was taken when we presented a framed photograph of Lake Superior to Mr. Li Yi, Director of the International Office of Guangzhou University. We came away from the meeting with some very real possibilities for creating student exchanges of either 2-4 weeks during the summer or for a full semester. The full semester option would entail students from Minnesota schools going to study Chinese language, literature, history, culture, etc. at Guangzhou University and students from Guangzhou coming to Minnesota to study potentially a wide variety of subjects. GU has had a couple of exchange relationships in the works that haven't actually panned out due to inaction on the part of the American partners, so we have an opportunity to put up or shut up.

I'll keep this short since I have the world's slowest Internet Connection here at the Fine Arts Academy. Not sure if this will post at all. The picture (linked) in very small because that is all I could get to upload, larger files just timed out.

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